Lessons for this age group are open for children of 3 years and older. These horseback riding lessons include fundamentals, starting with right method of approaching a horse, mounting, riding posture, horse control, and maintaining stability by matching the horse’s pace during a walk or a trot. Moreover, we offer fun and exciting activities on top of a horse that inevitably enhance the children’s riding skills subconsciously, reinforcing skills previously taught, whether it’s posture, riding, or horse control. This helps to enhance our riders’ skills to their potential, teaches them to ride according to international standards, and pushes them to the next level in the Horse Riding society.

There’s nothing more attractive to children than the opportunity to sit on top of an endearing horse, being in their presence, and learning about horsemanship in the correct way. Additionally, horsemanship benefits children through the healthy development of different muscle groups, posture, a longer attention span, confidence, and allows them to feel a special bond with the horses while familiarizing themselves with the sport of horseback riding. For experts and our other members alike, please come and experience the uniqueness of horsemanship at Golden Horse Riding Club.